Your time is important to us.

With around the clock, live customer service, Parkway Pharmacy is your specialty pharmacy. That’s why the talented team at Parkway Pharmacy will do all we can to cut back on your time spent at the physician’s office, filling out insurance paperwork. We also make sure patients are enrolled in programs that make financial sense, letting you get back to the important things in life. We make you our priority, so you can focus on yours.


The specialists at Parkway Pharmacy will handle the reimbursement coordination of all benefit issues. Our staff will manage the process every step of the way, ensuring your prescription and major medical benefit plans are consistent with your coverage. We will process all authorizations in a timely fashion, limiting the burden on the patient and physician.


At Parkway Pharmacy, we understand the financial burdens associated with the cost of specialty medications for chronic or complex conditions. Our team of experienced specialists diligently checks for financial assistance from manufacturer programs and foundations. We communicate with patients, prescribers and programs to find the best fit and, when appropriate, will work diligently to provide assistance for our patients through grants, drug manufacturer assistance programs, social security (low income subsidy) and various foundations (Lilly Cares, Valeant, UCV Cares). Our mission is to create a stress-free financial environment so the patient can concentrate on their health and well-being.


Providing patients with their medications in timely fashion is our priority. Because of that, Parkway Pharmacy provides nationwide shipping to the patient’s home or physician’s office at no cost.


Our team will play an active role in helping the patient appropriately manage their medical conditions. Parkway Pharmacy plays an active role by providing monthly telephone refill reminders, a 24 hour toll-free hot-line where all questions and concerns can be addressed, and continued communication with providers regarding medication management.


Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer questions and address any concerns a patient may have regarding their program.

Our goal is to supply all of our patients with the best care and understanding of their medical conditions