When utilizing the medical equipment your physician has ordered and our company has provided for you, there are certain precautions to consider ensuring your personal comfort and safety.

Always use the equipment in the same way you were instructed by our company representative and follow your doctor's orders.

  • Locate and remember where all exits in your home are so you can escape in case of a fire
  • Install smoke detectors on each floor of the home
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your home (each floor of the home is recommended)
  • Make sure there is always easy access to a phone
  • Do NOT use extension cords to plug in your Home Medical Equipment
  • Only use properly grounded electrical outlets for your Home Medical Equipment
  • NEVER remove the 3rd prong of a 3-prong electrical plug to utilize a 2-hole electrical receptacle. Use a 3-prong to 2-hole adapter if necessary
  • Do NOT place electrical cords or oxygen tubing in areas where people walk
  • Do NOT use multiple plugs in a single outlet
  • Check to be sure your power source is large enough to meet or exceed the electrical requirements of your Home Medical Equipment
  • If your Home Medical Equipment needs repair, please discontinue use. Call Parkway Pharmacy immediately
  • ALWAYS remember to apply the safety locks on wheelchairs and hospital beds before getting in or out of them
  • Remove throw rugs that may cause slipping or tripping hazards
  • Avoid slippery/wet or uneven surfaces
  • Do NOT rearrange or remove furniture that may cause a tripping or blocking hazard
  • Install night-lights to help you find your way in the dark or at night
  • Install grab bars on the shower wall and non-slip footing strips inside the tub or shower
  • Use non-slip rugs on the floor to prevent slipping
  • Have a plumber lower the temperature setting of your water heater so you do not accidentally scald yourself if you have difficulty sensing hot and cold
  • Remove commonly used small appliances from high cabinets and store on the counter
  • Keep a chair in the kitchen near your counter area if you have difficulty standing
  • Use padded mitts to firmly grasp hot pots and pans on both sides
  • When at the stove, be sure no oxygen or feeding tubing comes in contact with heat of the burners or oven
  • Install ramps at the entry and exit of your home if you are using a walker or wheelchair
  • Keep all disposable supplies in clean, cool, dry areas and do not open packaging until you are ready to use
  • ALWAYS use Home Medical Equipment and Supplies ONLY as instructed
  • Report all incidents, accidents and possible safety hazards involving your Home Medical Equipment to Parkway Pharmacy immediately

To be better prepared, please download a printable checklist here.