Where members are our focus.


Parkway Pharmacy understands that your members are the priority.

Because of that, we will provide best-in-class specialty pharmacy care for members, streamlining the communications process for them, their providers and you, the payor. Care comes first at Parkway Pharmacy and our clinically trained staff will work with your members to ensure they are receiving cost effective care they understand. As a partner of Parkway Pharmacy, you can expect your members to always receive:



To ensure your members understand their treatment plans, we will provide regular consultation with them and their physicians during treatment. 


Parkway Pharmacy’s goal is to make your member’s therapy as easy as possible. We have access to drugs covering many key conditions ensuring your members receive the medication and medical supplies/equipment they need, when they need them. Our free overnight shipping means your members will get their treatment fast. We will send reminders so they know it’s time to refill their medications before they run out.


Our clinically trained staff will work closely with you and your members to provide new and advanced treatment guidelines, helping your members get back to their lives sooner (making your job easier).


Parkway Pharmacy’s team of account representatives will cover all prior authorizations with you and will expedite the authorization process by working directly with providers.